The Chucky Classic Reboot

Rating the movie

Name: Child’s Play
Genre: Horror
Year: 2019

The 1988 horror classic franchise rebooted this year, bringing the evil doll Chucky back for another round of slashing his victims. Child’s Play follows a single mother, Karen (Aubrey Plaza) and her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman), as they experience menacing behaviour from their faulty Buddi Doll.

The Buddi Dolls links in to a system of smart products manufactured by the same tech company, Kaslan – so a doll version of the Amazon Alexa. Chucky quickly imprints on Andy and starts acting as his evil protector of things that upset the young teenager. Andy soon realises that Chucky isn’t operating the same as the other Buddi dolls and seeks help before it’s too late. How out of control will Chucky’s monstrous acts go? Can Andy and his family escape his twisted malfunctioning behaviour?

The design of the doll is hugely different from the originals, with a more cartoon-like appearance. Whilst seeing this in early trailers gave me a sense of disappointment, during the film the design made complete sense. It added a more innocent, lively and cartoonish fun disguise for the horrid killer doll. This echoed in my head throughout the film, when Andy struggled to get anyone to believe him about what Chucky was doing, thinking ‘Why would anyone suspect this cute little doll to be killing people?’ It gave the doll another element of character and emotion gaining sympathy of the audience, to the point where I wanted to give the little bugger a big hug at times. To complete the rebranding of Chucky is the voice of Mark Hamill. Mark’s approach to the character gave another dimension to the film. Chucky would change from a kind and gentle friendly doll to spine-chilling and neurotic killer in a flash – shown by his eye colour changing to red.

Being a fan of horror and gore this film delivered incredibly well. Chucky’s victims met their dooms in shockingly gruesome ways with a good balance of blood and fun to keep this Slasher fan on his edge of his seat. This was expected within the classic Chucky franchise as the main focused is on a doll who finds joy in causing chaos and slaughter. I was surprisingly shocked at the high level of graphic murders that were shown on screen. The murders we’re incorporating modern technology to relate with the age of the film and the A.I. doll – including one using smart technology to distract and confuse the victim.  

Child’s Play isn’t the scariest film out this year, but it does deliver a fun but creepy reshape of our dear friend Chucky. This is one of those ‘not too scary’ horror movies that will endure slating by the original fan base. But overall a good way to modernise and introduce the killer doll to the next generation of horror fans.

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