God On Facebook?

Name: God Friended Me
Season: 1
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year: 2018

This CBS drama comedy is packed with suspense, mystery and romance as it focuses on an atheist, Miles (Brandon Michael Hall), as he has a unexplained friend suggestions from a Facebook account named God. Miles runs a podcast explaining his journeys and adventures following these friend suggestions, becoming ever more skeptical of the God account. The cast is well balanced delivering a fresh feel to the series with dynamic and surprisingly ingenuous storylines, focusing on a new friend suggestion every episode. Miles and his friends help the new friend suggestions with problems they don’t sometimes even know they have themselves, while investigating the mystery who is behind the God account.

With Miles’ beliefs strongly against religion, even though his father is a long time pastor of the church, treats the God account as someone trying to pull a joke on him. Miles looks into the profile but only information he could find is that they ‘like’ Nature. This gave the series a quick way to sideline all the religious disagreements and upsets and focus on the idea of helping others. The show explores storylines regarding family, regret and friendship mixed in with a more modern technology outlook using facebook and social media to create new connections.

Miles shares the mystery of the God account with his friend Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), together they dive into some social media stalking and tracks down a friend suggestion Cara Bloom (Violett Beane). Cara is a journalist and instantly forms a alliance and friendship with Miles and Rakesh, all driven to unmask the God account telling the stories of others they’ve helped along the way.

Granted a show called ‘God Friended Me’ was never going to be the most subtle series, but it does thrust a good message of helping others to the audience. The question of religious belief and higher power’s existence is one that is forever going to circle humanity and you see throughout the series the characters struggling with these beliefs. When personal underlying struggles stop characters in their tracks, the trust they have in the God account, and ultimately God helps them put their lives in perspective. The joy they get from helping others and seeing the happy outcomes, fixes their outlook on their own personal issues and problems.

From the first episode Miles experiences sequences of coincidences, building the reality that miracles happen every day, we just have to choose to look in the right direction. With most episodes ending with a happy wish-fulfilled problem sorted, the struggle and challenge for the series is to make sure it doesn’t become too predicable. Watching Miles wrestle the sense of obligation for helping others and doing everything he can, delivers a colourful, glossy and refreshing series. I’m excited to see what else the God account will throw at the gang in the next season.

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