Emotional DNA Discovery

Name: Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2019

Ant and Dec has done it again, stealing the nation’s hearts with their latest on screen journey. This emotional two-night road trip to discover more about their ancestors kept us satisfied and entertained. Even though the idea of the program is the same as BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, the Geordie duo gives an light-hearted competitive Ant V. Dec on who has the most interesting family tree.

We follow Ant and Dec talking to scientists and historians, giving them details on their ancestors, with in depth information and facts they never knew before. We are introduced to many distant family members across the world, showing how wide spread their families are.

During episode one, production had to stop due to the struggles Ant has gone through in the last year or so. Showing Dec’s reaction to this shows the strength they have being best friends and how it’s brought them closer. Throughout the program they do make comments and digs towards why it took so long, which gives comfort to the audience that Ant is in a good place now and that his struggles are behind him.

Episode two starts with the duo picking up where they left off before the unexpected break. We are thrown straight back into the adventure with jetting off to New York City following a DNA cousin match.

Trying not to mention too much about the findings and spoiling too much for the people that haven’t seen the show. The program talks about the emotional struggles and brave actions of their ancestors. One moment you will see Ant and Dec being the energetic people they are, then a scene later they are near tears. Seeing them react so genuinely, so raw, gives the audience a chance to ride the same roller-coaster of emotions they are.

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