New World… Take Two.

Name: His Dark Materials
Genre: Adventure, Family, Drama
Season: 1, Episode 1

This isn’t the first time that Philip Pullmans universe has graced our screens and the fans remember it well. Fans of the series have been disappointment and hurt before. With an unsatisfying adaptation in 2007, The Golden Compass, recruited a powerful cast and a sensational budget to attempt bringing this fantasy world to life. But the film itself concentrated on the storyline but then forgot the most important thing in audience satisfaction, creating a dynamic and entertaining plot. The themes in the books contain a much more dark and mature nature which the film completely disregarded, but luckily enough, with the team up between BBC and HBO we expect a successfully creative adaptation.

His Dark Materials takes place in an world similar to our own, but the main difference is that the human soul manifests itself as an animal companion called a Daemon. During childhood your Daemon can change his animal form, which then settles on one form in adulthood. But this world isn’t all as good as it sounds. The world is ruled by a government that suppresses free thought everywhere and is against anything too scientific that would unravel hidden truths – perfect element of mystery. This government is called the Magisterium.

The story will focus on Lyra (Dafne Keen), a young orphan girl who is living at Jordan College and her famous adventurer uncle, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy).

The series already after one episode, throws the audience into the deep end, with a lot of information about their history, their rigorous guidelines and how the new world was built and run. I would recommend you put your phones down, and give this series your full attention, to ensure you don’t get lost along the way. I feel as the weeks go by and more of the story comes to light, the world that’s portrayed within the books will come to life on our screens and will certainly satisfy the viewers.

Lyra’s longing for adventure into this beautiful world is clear from the beginning, wanting to go with her uncle on his journeys and adventures. But relationship with her uncle is distant and complicated, not allowing Lyra to join him on his missions and never having time for her. Lyra learns of his newest discovery, the existence of parallel worlds – which he named Dust. Her interest and longing for adventure instantly increases wanting to prove to her uncle she can help in his mission.

Right away His Dark Materials has shown us a sneak peak to a dangerous world, full of corruption and secrets. With Asriel’s discoveries strictly forbidden and against the beliefs of the Magisterium, it’s obvious that his mission is time sensitive and will cross many challenges and obstacles along the way.

But this isn’t the only storyline in the series. For some strange reason the young children of Oxford are getting kidnapped along with their Daemons, one of which is Lyra’s best friend Roger. Lyra instantly noticed something is up when Roger doesn’t bring her breakfast in the morning. She gives herself the mission to find Roger, no matter what.

Already the series has shown that it’s willing to deliver on the dark and more matured aspects of the original story. Showing an attempt poisoning in the first episode, gives the audience an automatic sigh of relief that this series won’t shy away from what the audience wants to see. I’m very excited to see where the story will take us and keeping my fingers crossed that it will carry on with it’s high standard production.

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