Family, Love + Tears

Name: This Is Us
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Year: 2016
Season: 1

This Is Us floods your mind with high intensity of emotion, delivering a well-crafted drama full of comedy, tragedy and heartbreak. The opening episode shows so much in its first hour from births, deaths, self-doubts, heart-to-hearts and many more tear jerking subjects. This Is Us wants to make you weep with the instant connection to ordinary characters with ordinary problems – giving the audience an easy way to relate and understand the issues.

With the main focus and themes involving family and love – this is one of the TV shows that will definitely tug on your emotions.  

This Is Us, does have a quirky gimmick. The story focuses on four characters who share the same birthday. The first is Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), a tense but hopeful dad whose wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), is about to give birth to triplets. The second is Kevin (Justin Hartley), a handsome muscular actor who’s landed an incredible role in terrible sitcom, focusing on his abs more than his acting ability.

Next is his sister, Kate (Chrissy Metz), who has had issues with her weight since she was little, so she decides to join a support group, in which she meets the cheerfully and charismatic Toby (Chris Sullivan). Last but not least, Randall (Sterling K. Brown), who has found his biological father who abandoned him as a baby at a fire station.  

The show thrives on using visual effects to reflect the scene, heart-warming scenes flooded with pleasing lighting and then a downpour of rain during dramatized confrontation. Following many different timelines – which all connect like one big spiderweb! But it works!

Although some of the storylines are weak, some do give us a refreshing outlook, especially with Kate’s character being overweight – she knows this and has come to terms with it. Her character isn’t made for a sitcom, making fun of her weight, but shows the struggles she’s gone through and what she must do in her future to battle weight loss.

After the first episode my jaw was left on the floor, feeling satisfyingly manipulated, and feeling overcome with happiness. I was ready to dive into the series to see what the characters will face next. It may just be me, but this series really draws on your emotions, but I wonder if it will keep aiming for a good cry rather than the predictable easy cry option.

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