Magic Christmas Time-Travel

Name: The Knight Before Christmas
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adventure
Year: 2019

Netflix has recently released a holiday rom-com focusing on a time traveling knight sent to the future to fulfill his quest. This film is perfect for when your bellies are full, sitting on the sofa with the fire on and just want something enjoyable and fun to watch. Will the knight fulfill his quest and become a true knight?

The film starts in 1334 England, where we meet Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons (Josh Whitehouse) who is searching for his ultimate quest that will make him a true knight. He stumbles upon an old woman in the forest who spins a riddle then sends him to 2019 Ohio. No cheesy rom-com would work without a deadline, midnight on Christmas Eve. If he doesn’t complete the quest in time, he will be stuck in the future forever. Cole meets schoolteacher Brooke Winters (Vanessa Hudgens), who has recently gone through a bad breakup. No one believes Cole’s story being a 14th century knight, but to be fair who would? Brooke decides to help him with his quest but starts falling for his romantic charms. Will their romance be strong enough to overcome living in two different centuries?

The Knight Before Christmas fits perfectly well in the incredibly happy and charming rom-com genre, which has rocketed in popularity in the last few years. Netflix has really thought outside the box, incorporating a time traveling knight into the Christmas holiday, which is genuinely against the genre’s typical theme of realism. Although Sir Cole adjusts incredibly quickly to the new age, the fish-out-of-water gimmick works largely for laughs, and gives Brooke the opportunity to be his knight in shining armour.  

Both Hudgens and Whitehouse, delivers us two incredibly diverse, sweet and vulnerable characters, with enough chemistry that the audience are fully on board on their romantic journey. The Knight Before Christmas doesn’t really make sense as a full movie storyline but the message of love and faith during the holiday times is constantly in our face throughout. Avoiding diving too deep into why Cole got sent to the future, we learn to love his shocked and surprised reactions to modern technology. But that doesn’t matter because holiday rom-coms need the cheesiness in them and this film certainly delivers, and sure will satisfy fans of the genre.

The Knight Before Christmas is worth checking out for fans that love a cheesy romance. Being on Netflix, gives this film an easy way to watch with family and friends, or alone on your couch. This may not be the only film involving a time traveling knight we see on our screens – as the end of the film was a clear setup for a sequel.  Bring on another happy holiday film.

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