A Series Far Far Away

Name: The Mandalorian
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
Year: 2019
Season: 1

The highly anticipated, entertaining brand-new Star Wars series, attracts fans of the franchise to Disney Plus. Will it hit the high standard the fan are expecting? Will this be the first of many Disney Plus series that will please a global audience?

The Mandalorian concentrates on a space western bounty hunter, who we know as the Mandalorian, proves his skills and ability of being a bounty, as he easily catches his target from the hands of thug aliens. Think Clint Eastwood/ John Wayne in space! This gunslinging hero, who we yet to know his name, shares a bloodline with the one of Star Wars’ legendary favourite villains, Boba Fett. Differently to Fett, the Mandalorian is playing the hero’s role in the series, which is refreshing, breaking the stereotypical facelessness character representing the evil side in the movies.

With the episodes released so far, 3 episodes, it’s well paced and reasonably clever, with enough visual scenery and effects to keep you fully engaged. The dust-covered lands and giant machinery and transportation clearly sets us in the Star Wars universe. The aliens and beasts we’ve met so far indicates a high budget for the series, giving us hope that it will not let us down. But you’d expect that as the production designer, Andrew L. Jones, previously worked on highly ranked projects, like Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin.

We have to remember this isn’t a film, so you have to give it more time to dive into the storyline than we’re used to with Star Wars films. But it’s working, building suspense and mystery of who certain characters are and their importance.

The use of music follows the classic style of Star Wars, using iconic sounding blasts of music when entering a new location, to show emotional structure and danger in the scenes. The style of music that is used is similar to what is used in the films, connecting the series perfectly within the same universe.

But as we see the Mandalorian introduced to us within the first episode – we learn that he has an amazing skillful talent for violence and he accepts the life as a bounty. But as he reaches a point where a decision humanizes him it blasts our tale into motion in light speed. Watching the successful deadly bounty suddenly turn into a protector and safeguard of the tiny charge promises a series full of potential. Going against the beliefs of his people, and following his own path will mean facing many challenges on his way.

The way the Mandalorian delivers a high tech universe full of aliens and space travel perfectly into a smart and sophisticated series shows the creative ability of the production team. To go from a huge franchise of movies, to bringing it to the small screen shows guts, but this series delivers TV at its finest. I’m excited to see where the series will go.

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