3 Magical Wishes

Name: Aladdin
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Year: 2019

Get ready to be taken on a magical carpet ride to… a not so new world, with the live action remake of Aladdin. From musical hits to villainous storylines, this film has made your wish come true.

Aladdin focuses on a poor young man living on the streets who frees a genie from a magical lamp. Aladdin is granted three wishes and wants to win over the princess who he quickly falling in love with. But his secret wish granter doesn’t stay secret for long, as an evil sorcerer becomes hell-bent on stealing the lamp to become the most powerful being on the planet.

The huge success of this film comes from the amazing casting. Our main character Aladdin (Mena Massoud) embodied the 90’s animated character, magically bringing him into the 21st century. As Massoud shows us the goofball side of Aladdin, allows the character to become completely relatable to the audience. Massoud’s charismatic personality in real life makes you want to root for his character even more.

The beautiful Naomi Scott played our Disney Princess Jasmine, and to be honest, she looked and sang like a princess. She completely embodied the character and again, brought it to the 21st century. Jasmine has always been an independent female role model and with lines like “I am not a prize to be won” and the song speechless shows this perfectly.

During this film Jasmine becomes Sultan, which means that she will one day be queen. Jasmine never wanted a man to come in and take the power off her and rule over the kingdom. This way she will always be in control. This drives the theme of woman empowerment to the young audience showing that woman don’t need a man to get things done. Which I think this is cool, especially as Aladdin never wanted power, he just wanted to marry the woman of his dreams. He never expected that woman to be the next in line to run the kingdom. Guess he was just lucky with that one.

Then we have the most energetic character of them all, the Genie, played by Will Smith. Will Smith had it hard before the release of the film with many millennial fans complaining about the thought of Will replacing Robin Williams’ performance in the 90s. But, he did a good job. Smith brought his usual charm and hilarity to the character, with weird but wonderful dancing, impressions and some tone questionable singing. Will isn’t the best singer in the cast, but his performance as a whole made up for it.

Jafar being the villain of the movie shows that greed and power is dangerous and could corrupt the weakest minds. Aladdin has the same three wishes as Jafar, yet when Aladdin wishes for the opportunity to attract the attention of Jasmine, Jafar wishes for ultimate power.

Aladdin’s scripting wasn’t the strongest, for example when Aladdin was talking about jam for awkwardly too long, taking away the funny side of the awkward exchange. But it was fun seeing Massoud play the role of a young man who is unsure of himself and must learn to believe in himself to gain the hand of Princess Jasmine.

The soundtrack is very addictive with many of the songs similar but updated from the original. Even though it was one of my favourite songs in the film, speechless seemed a bit more of a Disney Channel Movie song than a Disney Cinematic Movie song. The scene the song was in seemed to also be cut as a music video – simply cut it out and stick it on YouTube. But nevertheless it was very entertaining and catchy.

Aladdin is a fun family film that shows the journey of two people from different backgrounds fall in love. With everything against them, they have a little bit of luck and 3 magical wishes to set up their happy ever after.

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