I’d Rather No Snow!

Name: Let It Snow
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Year: 2019

Feeling like a cheap younger version on Love Actually, this Christmas-inspired romantic comedy falls low in my ranks. I feel like it had all the ingredients to make a good Christmas movie, but fell short on the narrative. Let It Snow gave us warming characters, a shine of holiday spirits and some all-star actors keeping everything ticking over. But it needed more! More Christmas spirit, more adoring romance, more structure!

Let It Snow concentrates on a group of high school students full of vulnerabilities on a snow-white Christmas Eve. Each student is ready to learn their new path from confidence to understanding others in this labyrinth of a movie.

We have quiet and withdrawn Julie (Isabela Moner) who unexpectedly meets and spends the day with famous but lonely pop star, Stewart (Shameik Moore). On the other side of the village, we follow the anxious and shy Tobin (Mitchell Hope) who wants to declare his feelings for his friend who he has been crushing on for a long time, Angie (Kiernan Shipka). The only thing stopping him is his own insecurities.

Then, we have the blindly in love Addie (Odeya Rush), who is frustratingly chasing her lousy boyfriend around the place, while he is just pushing her away. Her best friend Dorrie (Liv Hewson) comes to her rescue while struggling with her emotions about crushing on a girl who isn’t out. Then all these young adults end up in one place, the Waffle House party, arranged by DJ Keon (Jacob Batalon) giving the movie an end destination.

With all these storylines and different characters, the movie struggles to juggle enough interest and emotion to make this film successful. Let It Snow feels like a constant journey towards the Waffle House with little to no fun or adventure along the way. It doesn’t allow time for characters to develop or build a relationship with the audience, giving the storytelling a bland and boring feel. There are a few jokes throughout the film that was there to get a laugh, such as the ‘Spanx of weather’ comment by Julie, but the delivery to these didn’t have enough wit to come across funny.  

The young all-star cast at least distracted you from the lack of character personality outside the vulnerability that’s made obvious from the start. The end and the height of the film are frustratingly obvious within the first half an hour, desperately trying to be cute with little work on the storyline.

Let It Snow is very predictable and forcefully Christmassy to just fit the genre of the holiday – but that isn’t its main issue. The genre set a pretty low bar for movie expectations, delivering a more feel good movie than anything in depth. But Let It Snow couldn’t even do that; making me walk away thinking the whole film was a waste of time and effort.

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