More Danger, More Emergencies!

Name: 9-1-1
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Year: 2018-2019
Season: 2

9-1-1 season 2 returned with a two-night premiere event throwing us straight back into action. The first responders in the opening montage are struck with three outrageous urgent rescues. We have a tour bus crashing off the edge of a cliff, a pressure cooker exploding causing a man’s neck being wedged with a bottle of hot sauce, and a workers arm being blown off and flung into a swimming pool. All these happening at once automatically made me realise how much I missed this show.

At the end of season one, our favourite 9-1-1 dispatcher Abby says goodbye to the team, Los Angeles and her boyfriend Buck to go find herself after the passing of her mother. So the series introduces us to a new character Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), joining the dispatch team. Surprisingly enough, it is not Buck’s new love interest, even though an awkward walk in shower scene, it’s in fact his sister. Yep… Awkward.

Maddie comes across very caged about why she is in Los Angeles, and why she has left her old life behind. She hasn’t seen Buck in three years and suddenly tracked him down, after dumping her husband who no one likes. She decides to crash at Buck’s apartment, which is really Abby’s apartment that he is looking after (CUTE). Being her brother Buck finds this suspicious and eventually finds out Maddie’s husband Doug was abusive. Things escalated between them and her life was in danger, so she ran away. But Doug doesn’t give up, promising Maddie he will find her.

Buck convinces Maddie to stay, and to start over in Los Angeles. Maddie used to be a nurse, and was too anxious of Doug finding her in any hospitals but still wanted to help people. She found herself becoming the newest 9-1-1 dispatcher. Will she be able to handle the insanely intense calls like babies stuck in pipes or bouncy castles flung off cliffs we’ve seen from season one? Good luck to her.

We also have a new firefighter added to the team this season, Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman), who is fresh and handsome and heroic — so naturally, Buck has a problem with him. Buck being intimidated by Eddie, makes Buck look very childish compared to the Afghanistan war vet. Buck is infatuated with his looks because he wants to be the new firefighter in a charity calendar, L.A.F.D. Hot Fireman’s Calendar. This throws the station into a friendly competitiveness showing how strong the squad can be.  

But Buck’s rivalry with Eddie isn’t great for the team moral. Buck loses his cool on a call, resulting in Eddie takes the lead, making Buck even angrier at himself and Eddie. Bobby gets realises and gets involved to fix the issue. On the next call, they both work together in a dangerous potential grenade explosion, creating a brotherly bond between them. These new characters mixed in with the old characters show how strong the script writing is. The season feels extremely fresh, digging deeper and deeper into our characters personalities and vulnerabilities.  

But it’s not all emergencies again this season with other romantic storylines evolving and developing between Athena and Bobby. We see their relationship is fire hot with a quick make out session between fire trucks while out on call. But will the relationship be smooth sailing? Hell no! But it’s a good rollercoaster of rooting for them two to work things out and be happy.

But 9-1-1 season two trailer promised us a big earthquake and it sure shook our characters up a bit. With a huge natural disaster our first responders are about to get VERY, VERY BUSY!! The whole season is exciting with storylines you wouldn’t see coming. With season 3 in full flow in America, I’m excited to see where the characters will end up and if we have any new twists and turns along the way!

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