The Magic In Believing

Name: Rise Of The Guardians
Year: 2012
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

With the opening sequence of Rise Of The Guardians starting with a limp young man sinking into deep dark water, with only moon light shinning through, you wouldn’t expect it to be a seasonal holiday film. But suddenly after we see young Jack Frost (Chris Pine) flying through the cold winter sky with the ability to turn everything icy. This is where the magic of believing comes to life.

Jack gets chosen to become a Guardian, but he feels like he doesn’t know his purpose or his drive, so instead he’s been just playing about and having fun. The Guardians are protectors of children and with the dark forces of the Boogieman (Jude Law) growing stronger and stronger, they must work together to protect kids from fear itself. The guardians are made up of brave mythical begins – Father Christmas (Alec Baldwin), the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher) and the (silent) Sandman.

Rise Of The Guardians beautifully takes us on a journey through the hugely detailed designed world. This made the audience feel fully submerged within the world, feeling the excitement of this magical world. This fantastic universe feels like it can continue even outside the storyline of the movie, giving it many potential stories in the future.

The true message in the story is to believe. The happiness and the joy that children have around the holidays, believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy is at main focus. Believing in yourself and helping others is absolutely at the heart of the movie. But without a holiday to call his own, Jack must find a way to get children to believe in not just him but all the guardians – without even being seen or heard by anyone.

For a family film that’s packed with adventure and suspense. It squeezes in a noble quest of purpose, a death of a loving friend, a child invading a magical kingdom and an tense attack on the earth.

The story is based around Easter time – so therefore we don’t see Christmas. But this could be a perfect potential time setting for the next film in the Guardian’s universe.

Perfect for adults and children, delivering a glowing fantasy world ready for you to get lost in.

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