Unexplained Disappearances

Name: The Society
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Year: 2019
Season: 1

Imagine returning to your hometown and everyone is gone. All that’s left is a bus filled of young adults and children. As you can imagine this haunting, compelling drama shows the struggles of power, forcing these young adults to grow up very quickly. At first it was one big celebration, with their new reality not fully sinking in, but it doesn’t take long till their fight for survival becomes clear to all.

The Society shows school children leaving their boring town to go on a school trip. They left because of an unusual smell in the town. They have to unexpectedly return earlier than planned, but now to a ghost town. They find that every single other person has vanished, no internet or phone signal to reach out to the outside world. In fact, all connections to the outside world are lost and not even any signs of an outside world. They find out that their town is surrounded by miles and miles of thick forest. It doesn’t take long to realise the students need to adapt to work together and live without no parents. But with a town full of inexperienced, stuck up, confused and maybe a psychopath or two – leadership and direction is at questions with everyone wanting a say how things are now run.

The diversity of cast and characters is impressive, giving us relatable and more natural storylines. Once their new reality starts sinking in the show becomes a lot more mesmerising with a dark undertone. The popular students become the bullies or the protectors while the more paranoid, smarter and unique students come across more reasonable and reliable. These students and children must work together to become a community – full of cooks, doctors and gatherers of food and materials.

Really important issues are questioned in this forced dystopian isolation from gun use to hyper-masculinity, which makes this dark remote way of living a worsened reflection of our reality, highlighting our worse flaws. The Society makes you think how you would react in such an extreme situation and what decisions you’d make.

With over a hundred students alone and scared, the show focuses on small selection of main characters. Throughout the season more and more characters get introduced but only skimmed over slightly if they are in a group situation. All characters that get introduced somehow feel important, like a big puzzle needing all its pieces. The cast show the complexity of forced adulthood perfectly with characters not fully confident in their decisions in dangerous circumstances. This fuels the tension and suspense giving The Society an unpredictable feeling.

The Society offers plenty of ways of letting the unusually interesting foundation speak for itself, with clever writing and memorable acting, delivers a dramatic Netflix series. The end sets up for another season, leaving you questioning everything and feeling extremely confused and tense. What will next season bring? Will our questions be answered?

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