Wishful Thinking

Name: A Wish For Christmas
Genre: Family, Drama, Fantasy
Year: 2016

A Wish For Christmas is a happy Christmas story delivering the message of love and care for yourself and others, keeping you engaged and ready to share the true meaning of Christmas.

The story focuses on Sara Thomas (Lacey Chabert), a junior web designer at a marketing company based in Chicago. She has an entry level role, and it’s very clear that people walk all over her. She started at the company over two years ago and hasn’t said more than five words to the CEO, Peter Williams (Paul Greene). She doesn’t have the confidence to stand up for herself, and finds herself agreeing to do her friends work and bringing coffees in every day for the team.

A Wish For Christmas is set in the Christmas holiday which is Sara’s favourite time of the year. At the work’s Christmas party she is given an unusual gift from a secret Santa. This gift granted her a wish for 48 hours. Sara’s darkest desire was to have the courage to stand up for herself and her wish came true when she had the bravery to put her boss, Dirk Tyson (Jason McKinnon), in his place in front of everyone for taking her idea as his own. The CEO notices and Sara is then given a promotion and invited to pitch the idea to one of their clients. With the courage still inside of her, she agrees to travel to Seattle with the agreement she will be back before Christmas to spend it with her family.  

This is when the magically business trip becomes a journey of self-discovery. A perfect message to young woman watching, that you can be strong and that no one deserves to be treated badly. Throughout the movie Sara uses her courage to get respect and help others, from horrible businessmen to helping a family rent a car.

Her excitement and love for Christmas heals Peter’s outlook of the holiday and ultimately they build a strong romantic connection – we all knew it was going to happen. Sara shows Peter the true meaning of Christmas, to share the love, joy and be around family and friends. Peter learns this lesson well, reconnecting with his family and treating his staff members that are working Christmas day with gratitude.  

This film as many Christmas films, is very cheesy and predicable. You could obviously tell there was going to be a romantic connection between them from the start. I felt that A Wish For Christmas needed more. The pace of the film was a bit slow, racing from one location to another to secure the business deal. This was to count down the time left on the wish. I felt like not enough happened throughout the film and could have been summed up much quicker and better.

A Wish For Christmas showed a lovely journey of self-discovery but lacked the essentials to keep me satisfied throughout this Christmas film. But if you’re looking for a nice family film, put the fire on with a nice cup of hot chocolate, I’d recommend A Wish for Christmas for easy watching.

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