No Rush This Holiday

Name: Holiday Rush
Genre: Comedy, Family
Year: 2019

Holiday Rush is one of those Christmas movies full of good intentions, trying to tick off every cliché as possible, yet falling low on ratings ending on the naughty list.

Holiday Rush follows popular DJ Rush Williams (Romany Malco) who has rebranded and revived the radio station he works for. He lives the better life; not having to worry about money and getting closer to Christmas, Rush is expecting an enormous bonus. But instead he learns that the station is letting him go with only a days’ notice. The troubled Rush isn’t so much concerned about his next career plan, but his four kids react terribly to the idea of a scaled down Christmas this year.

After losing his wife, Paul (La La Anthony) to cancer, Rush wanted to give everything he could to his kids, turning them into spoiled brats. It’s time for Rush to lean on his former show manager Roxy (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Aunt Jo (Darlene Love) to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas while fighting to get back on air.

The big issue of Holiday Rush is that there too much going on. Instead of just concentrating on maybe three separate storylines, the movie throws you into the deep end with maybe six confusing plots. There’s a very dramatic new station manager as the villain plotting to ruin Rush’s chances of his new radio show, then Rush’s son Jamal (Amarr M. Wooten) who might not be able to attend Harvard after getting accepted. We witness a romantic connection between Roxy and Rush, then we have Aunt Jo coming in to teach the kids the value of respect and money. It just feels like way too much to fit into a Christmas film and none of it is done extremely well.

Holiday Rush tries too hard to be funny. All the actors’ reactions and interactions are exaggerated, from laughing too loud to turning overly sassy with a stranger in the street. Everything just comes across awkward and stiff, not giving the character enough time to develop into anything the audience would care about. It all just felt too Billy basic.

On the plus side, Netflix has tried to release a more diverse Christmas movie. Even though it was ruined by the amount of poor choices, it was slightly entertaining to watch. With so many Christmas films out on Netflix this year, I wouldn’t chose to watch this one. It’s a great film to watch in the background because it’s easy to follow because in all honesty, with all the different plots, none of them come to anything and it’s pretty much straight forward predictable film.

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