Romantic Contract Signed

Name: The Christmas Contract
Genre: Romance, Family, Christmas
Year: 2018

A recently single woman struggles with the thought of running into her ex and his new girlfriend, when she returns home at Christmas time. Making a deal with her best friend’s brother, she brings him home at Christmas pretending to be dating. Lots of challenges and a rollercoaster of emotion for these two, as they try to convince everyone that they are in love.

The Christmas Contract focuses on Jolie Guidry (Hilarie Burton), who is the single woman in need of a man on her arm to make her ex-boyfriend Foster (Hunter Burke) jealous. Jack Friedman (Robert Buckley) comes to the rescue as he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend in exchange of Jolie to build him a website as he is an upcoming novelist who is in need of a big break.

But Jolie and Jack have a rocky past, with Jack standing Jolie up on a date when she first moved to town. But Jolie’s best friend Danneel Ackles (Naomi Friendman) is Jack’s sister and comes up with ‘The Christmas Contract’. To begin with both parties are against the idea of faking a relationship with each other and ever more so, spending the Christmas holiday together. The scripting is perfect here, not lingering too much or making it too dramatic, delivering the audience a realistic reaction.

This all changed when Jack is offered a ghost writing job involving a romance based in Louisiana. As Jolie is from Louisiana he finds it in his heart to spend Christmas with her and her family, now he has something to gain from it – research for his novel. They sign a contract and bang… the fake relationship commences!

This cheesy Christmas film shows the two characters growing closer surrounded by all the holiday joy and cheer. The fake relationship develops into friendship then eventually more. But when everything is going great for them of course, Jolie finds out about Jack’s real reason coming to her home town. Jolie immediately pushes Jack away and wants nothing to do with him. Everyone finds out about the fake relationship and the whole house seems a bit awkward.

Will Jack find a way to show Jolie his true feelings and convince her it wasn’t all a lie? Yes of course he does and he does it in the most thought out romantic way possible. It was beautiful. Following these characters from non-existent friendship to a blossoming romance is wonderful with a pinch of holiday spirit.

The Christmas Contract showed the development of the characters and their relationships extremely well. The film allowed the time for the audience to understand the motives of the characters and how they changed throughout the film.

The visuals are very festive delivering a feel good happy film. I would recommend watching this all cuddled up on the sofa. For anyone who is a One Tree Hill fan, this is a good antidote for a little reunion film.

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