Into the Unknown

Name: Frozen II
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Musical
Year: 2019

Running into the mist of the unknown, Frozen II delivers an outstanding sequel following the loved sisters of Frozen. With new exciting original songs delivering as good, maybe better than Let It Go, the much awaited sequel sees Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) hearing a new calling in her life. Summoned by a ‘Secret Siren’ whose whistle leads Elsa straight into the Enchanted Forest and to the magical River Ahtohallan. But she doesn’t go alone. Her sister Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad) and Sven all go with to help her with the new quest. Many dangers and shocking truths are revealed during the journey about her families past. Will the gang be able correct the mistakes of the past? Will the truth be too much for the sisters to handle?

During a flash back to when the sisters were younger, we hear their parents tell them the story of the Enchanted Forest. An unexpected battle broke out sealing the forest from outsiders by form of a magical mist. We later find out that trapped inside the mist are the Arendelle’s soldiers, the Northuldra people and the magic of the forest. The mystic spirits of earth, air, water and fire are so unpredictable; with an elegant and beautiful animation of neon pink forest fires to a bewitching water horse. The beauty of the animation doesn’t stop there, with spectacular scenery and dreamlike magic to whole movie truly transports you into the fairy-tale land.

The movie wouldn’t be the same without its fantastic soundtrack. A beautiful mixture between a striking ballad, Into the Woods, a heart tugging tune of The Right Next Thing to the unforgettable 80s rock ballad Lost in the Woods. Somehow they did an amazing job following from the success of the first Frozen’s soundtrack, packing in many anthems that will be stuck in our minds for a long time.

Frozen uses its famous Disney approach to discuss the ups and downs of people in the real world. They show us the vast possibilities and dreams we must work towards, mixed in with the unfathomable anxieties we all experience. Elsa has always struggled to fit in and feels misunderstood and lonely, Anna unconsciously puts herself into danger for her family’s safety and Olaf feeling lost and that nothing makes sense to him until he’s older. But with the gang working together the message is clear, especially in the moving solo The Next Right Thing, taking those first small steps towards change may be the hardest, with the future being so uncertain and unknown, but taking the leap together gives you a chance for change, a chance for a better and happier you.

The movie itself felt a lot darker than it’s first, revealing more about the parent’s deaths and the emotions of separation, loss and fear. But this added to why the movie was such a powerful sequel. It needed the extra dimension of these themes and emotions to rise to the audiences expectations.

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