The Doctor is Back

Name: Doctor Who
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Family
Season: 12, Episode 1-2 (Spyfall)
Year: 2020

The long running British science fiction series Doctor Who is back and this time it’s with a bang. It returns with a two-part premiere and high expectations, embracing the shows history instead of ignoring it. The first half offered a James bond feel mission as Team TARDIS are recruited, suiting up in their best tuxedos as they try and save the lives of secret agents. We come across motorcycle pursuits and even a tribute to Tom Cruise Mission Impossible plane chase.  Then an ending with such a jaw dropping cliff-hanger that got true Whovians excited.

The second part of Spyfall continued the fun with the historical connection to the Doctors past. We have two separate focuses; the companions continue their spy drama while The Doctor goes on a 200 year wild hunt. After the previous season avoiding The Doctors past adventures, Jodie Whittaker delivers two fun episodes returning to its roots of a wildly crazy entertaining show.

The cliff hanger at the end of episode one reveals who is the main enemy and mystery is, and I didn’t see it coming. Yes a returning enemy from The Doctor’s past, one of my all-time favourites. The twist is legitimately shocking, dropping hints you only connect after a second viewing.

In its previous season the darkness of Steven Moffat’s brilliant fairy tales were wiped out entirely. Instead we received more candid and safe stories that used the horrors of true historical events with slight supernatural science fiction twists. Then the 2019 New Year’s special finally gave us something from The Doctor’s past – The Daleks.

This is the 12th seasons after the revival in 2005, and 2018 season was the most inconspicuous. Then Spyfall hits our screens with a blast of fresh energy. Hopefully this means that we can see a fun show without losing where Doctor Who came from.

Spyfall already has shown an improvement over last season’s cast of villains, giving us the excitement of curiosity of which classic villains we will come across next. The spark is back in this season. A big revelation in the second part (trying not to spoil anything), takes us back to the Time Lord Society and the secret of the ‘Timeless Child’.

The two-part episode itself delivered us hope for an exciting and fresh season following Jodie Whittaker’s next adventures being The Doctor. Her journeys are completely limitless now and can go in many different directions. But can it move forward by focusing more on the past? Both the Doctor and the show itself changed a lot in the previous season, taking a break from the massive weight we’ve learnt to love from her past. Spyfall suggests the wait is over moving in the right direction, offering big obscurities and secrecies, classic big villains and complex decisions for the Doctor… I personally cannot wait!

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