Perfection, Your Honour

Name: Suits
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year: 2011 – 2019
Season: 1 – 9

Suits, I would say is one of the best lawyer corruption dramas ever to hit our screens. We start with one of Manhattan’s top corporate lawyers, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) setting out to recruit a new associate. He decides to hire an unmotivated college dropout, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). A strange choice maybe, but he was the only candidate that impressed Harvey as a bright star. The only problem being, Mike isn’t actually a lawyer. Having a photographic memory, we learn that he has the book smarts of a Harvard law graduate and the street smarts of a scammer – one of the main reasons Harvey took him under his wing as his new prodigy. But with this huge hindrance they both have to think and act in an unusual way to continue the sham. Over the seasons this storyline is explored to its fullest with as many shocking twists as you can imagine in a television show.

Suits doesn’t take itself too seriously. The gimmick of Mike lying through his teeth, taking down other trained lawyers, in a fun and quirky way, is all it needs to be entertaining. But as the series develops from season to season his lie becomes clear to certain people which adds tension, drama and excitement allowing the series to explore other characters intentions and motivations.  

Overall the series delivers us an outstanding cast, intriguing and exciting plotline and perfectly written scripting allowing each episode to hold our attention, wanting to jump straight into the next. Throughout the beginning of the series, the overhanging question I had was why Harvey was willing to put his career on the line and be so invested in Mike staying at firm. Logically, I know it was the main premise of the show, allowing the growing connection and bond between the two characters. At times I felt like that Harvey protects Mike without question and without it feeling earned. Their banter is remarkable, and Mike’s talent is clear to all and Harvey is invested to see that grow. But does that really explain the sudden willingness to lose his whole career over Mike, someone he barely knows at the start?

Further on in the seasons you come to realise that Harvey sees a lot of himself in Mike, and other reasons why he risked so much for him. So even though at the beginning it felt like we needed a bit more information, as the friendship and bromance between the two of them grow, we find out more about Harvey’s past and his reasoning behind taking Mike under this wing.

The series has a many other outstanding characters such as Dona Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) the all-knowing sharp secretary, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) the interesting, odd puppy dog lawyer and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) a paralegal working in Pearson Spector to name a few. Having so many great characters explored and intertwining with eachother allows friendships, romances and enemies to be built making the series extremely diverse.

As the seasons go on the Mike storyline isn’t the only focus. The corruption and the jaw dropping twists and turns fighting different firms in cases really picks up the pace. This kept my attention and didn’t make the series feel like it was repeating itself and didn’t feel bland or done before. The characters take risks and so does the series, and most of the time it works extremely well.

The end of the final episode I thought was a bit disappointing. After following the characters through their amazing journeys, I felt the ending was rushed in its final hour. So much happened and finishing with a short montage seems a bit lazy. The images in the montage in my opinion didn’t really give justice for the amazing series Suits was over the years. A series I will extremely miss.

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