A Psychopath’s Fantasy

Name: 14 Cameras
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror
Year: 2018

What a horrible thought! Going on a family holiday to only have secret cameras filming you and your family, to be broadcast on the Dark Web. 14 Cameras is a eerie pervs fantasy, trying to frighten people from renting Airbnbs.

14 Cameras mainly focuses on a group of five people – mom, dad, their late high school son, their daughter and her friend as they rent a luxury vacation home in New Mexico. The family comes across as bland and dull throughout the film, giving not much character to their roles. The only character that got a little bit of personality was the family friend Danielle (Amber Midthunder), who comes across as a little bit of a bad girl with some rebel traits of sneaking alcoholic drinks and trying to hook up with her friend’s brother. But the biggest issue is that the family doesn’t do anything memorable. It’s a family that are on holiday resting from their busy lives… boring!

What the family doesn’t know is that the house has 14 hidden spy cameras set up by sleazy, greasy property owner Gerald (Neville Archambault). Gerald is a creepy, mouth breather who gets off on streaming their actions to the Dark Web, where strange unknown users make bids and requests for guests’ personal items for money. The scariest part is that he doesn’t care about the privacy of others. He is a psychopath, not averse to brutal murder and rape. 

Another side story is that Gerald has captured two women in a secret lair for his own personal pleasure. Although the film doesn’t reflect much light on this or dive deep enough to make it relevant to the story at all. Giving the audience the impression it’s pointless to be interested in them or their stories. 

After watching this film, I found out this was a sequel. You can watch this film without knowing anything about the 13 Cameras film. These films do pose an interesting question though. With Facebook, Iphones, Alexa and more devices already monitoring our activity, have we come to the conclusion this is the price we pay for modern technology? Technology and modernity has left us trusting too much in its illusion of safety, and this vulnerability is exactly what Gerald exploits in this film. 

There have been many films in recent years which show us the horrible side of the web, for example Unfriended: Dark Web. If you had to compare 14 Cameras to similar films that have been released it comes across as a poor attempt to creep out the audience and is simply a perv’s fantasy pretending to be something more. 

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