Be Bold. Be You!

Name: The Bold Type
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Season: 1-3

Ever thought what happens behind the scenes in famous fashion magazines’ articles? Behind every photoshoot? Beneath the style, gloss and glamour? Well The Bold Type gives us the VIP access to all the social and political challenges and issues, centered on strong female characters. The Bold type bravely shows us the harsh truths behind the glammed photoshopped shiny pages of Scarlet Magazine.

The show addresses some modern social issues by incorporating the internet trolling, slut-shaming, sex-positive feminism, women’s health and sexual assault activism (to name a few) by organically weaving it into the personal lives of the journalists, their published stories and their friends.

The series itself concentrates on three women; Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) an inspiring young journalist willing to dig deep for the truth of a story, Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) the social and digital head of advertisement and Sutton Brady (Maghann Fahy) now working for the Fashion department. All three powerful strong females make the show the concrete pillar ready to address subjects that are thought to be more forbidden to discuss. The three women all struggle finding their identity, either in their jobs or personal lives, managing friendships and falling in love.

The Bold Type shows us the worry of print journalism being a thing of the past, by the amount of engagement with modern technology. The movement to becoming more digital is remarkable, but ultimately proves that a printed magazine still has readers today. Working in a news background myself, this made the whole series feel natural and more realistic.

If a series completely ignores social media entirely, it comes across as something that isn’t realistic to the audience, as social media is something used throughout our lives. But if a series concentrates too much on social media… it can age very quickly with the rapid technological advancements. But The Bold Type has found a perfect balance.

The amount of women’s health stories throughout the series allows the audience to realize and focus the true reality of the struggles of day to day life. The series is packed with such emotion leaving us on the edge of our seats for the next episode. 

The Bold Type isn’t a perfect show; but has improved drastically with each new season. The joy of seeing strong female characters supporting one another, while being funny and flawed pushing for their goals and dreams, instead of chasing after a man. 

With so much potential with this series I’m excited to see how scarlet magazine survives in this new digital age of journalism. 

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