Deadly Truth Or Dare

Name: One Of Us Is Next
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Teen
Year: 2020

One year has gone by since the events of the first book, One Of Us Is Lying, and we are back in Bayview with another suspense thriller sequel, One Of Us Is Next. In the aftermath of Simon’s death in the first book, people have been trying to emulate his gossip app. This time someone is taking it to the next level with a dangerous game of Truth or Dare. The rules of the game are simple: you’ll get a text to say you have 24 hours to make your choice – or if you ignore the text, you get forced into a truth. As Bayview students again addicted to the gossip revealed with the truths, everyone is glued to their phones ready for the next round to begin. 

This time the story focuses on Bronwyn’s youngest sister Maeve and her friends, Phoebe and Knox, as they are forced to play the game. But then the game takes a tragically deadly turn as new rules are set in place to play by. Phoebe, Maeve and Knox must work together and take the investigation into their own hands before things get worse and it’s too late for them to survive. 

After reading One Of Us Is Lying I didn’t think it needed a sequel, but it didn’t take too long for me to be hooked with One Of Us Is Next to prove me wrong. The story wasn’t just written for the sake of it. With the original Bayview Four graduated and most of them moved away to get on with their lives, One Of Us Is Next keeps the twisted gossip spreading firmly in high school. Though with Maeve’s presence it gave us an easy opening to have updates on the Bayview Four without it feeling forced. But this is very much a new exciting story with new secrets ready to be revealed questioning relationships and exploring personal growth while fighting against the deadly challenges of Truth or Dare. 

It doesn’t take long for the reader to feel like they know the characters. Of course the reader will feel a connection straight away with Maeve, having the slight advantage of being introduced to us in the first book. Alongside her best friend Knox and new friend Phoebe, all three of them seamlessly drive the overall mystery in the narrative forward. Phoebe is the first victim of Truth or Dare, exploring ideas of grief and loss with her story line, shifting the dynamics of her family as she feels her friendship with her sister edge further and further apart. 

With only three narratives this time around, it did give the story a tighter feel with many fast paced twists, thrills and mystery to uncover. The characters perspective is broken up with soundbites of TV reports and forum posts, giving the story a constant push into unraveling the truth behind the villain behind the phone. The story unfolds perfectly natural as it focuses on the realism of school students and the need to gossip. The story is completely believable, even towards the end, where all questions are answered. 

It’s very easy to say that if you loved the first book, then you’re very likely to love the second. Something about the secrets and drama in Bayview High that keeps us focused and drawn in. When reading this book you feel like you are there and you want nothing more than to figure out who is behind the deadly misunderstood minds of the gossip leaking world. 

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