Love Story With Four Legs

Name: Lady and the Tramp
Year: 2019
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Another Disney live action remake hits our screens and steals our hearts. Lady and the Tramp is the latest of Disney classics having a sprint into the modern adaptations.

Lady and the Tramp concentrate on a posh family American cocker spaniel, Lady (Tessa Thompson) as she finds her world suddenly growing out of her control. Her humans have just had a newborn baby girl and poor Lady is not used to sharing their affection.

Lady witnesses two pesky cats destroying the living room in her humans home, but Lady gets the blame. She ends up on the street and saved by the independent stray Tramp (Justin Theroux). They both embark on a string of adventures, winding up the resident dog catcher (Adrian Martinez) and ultimately falling in love. But are their worlds too different for them to have a future together? 

This adaptation honours the original movie by sticking to themes of class divide leaning heavily on the importance of home, family and friendship. Lady and the Tramp delivers us an extra half an hour of creative narrative giving the movie a more relaxed pace compared to its original, allowing the adventures and journey to love to be more charming, realistic and clear as the bond between Lady and Tramp strengthens. 

Another feature that tugs on our heart strings in this adaptation is Tramp’s backstory. We learn about all his heartbreak through a series of flashbacks. This gives us a deeper understanding of why Tramp is who he is. 

The cutest and most iconic scene from the original, the Spaghetti Date, is still present and delivers a beautiful romantic scene enlightening the love between them. 

The cast is packed with enthusiastic and charming characters from Rose and Monte – Tramps friends, Jock and Trusty – Lady’s friends. The only thing I felt that fell short is that the dog catcher didn’t feel evil enough. He just didn’t come across threatening enough. 

The biggest challenge of this film is to convince the audience that these dogs are more real than CGI. In most of the scenes it works, but when they talk and their mouths move it does take a while to get used to. Some dogs work and it doesn’t bother me as an audience member. But considering Lady is a main character, she falls short of this. Lady and a few other characters just can’t across a little creepy in parts. But putting this aside Lady and the Tramp delivers a high production value film, with impressive period costumes and vehicles with soulful jazzy background music. 

Overall Disney’s Lady and the Tramp is a perfectly watchable, family-friendly adaptation. Perfect to watch with the family and loved ones while we are locked up in isolation.

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