The Town With Unsolved Cases

Name: Two Can Keep A Secret
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Teen
Year: 2019

This time Karen McManus is moving away from the thrilling town of Bayview to a small town full of mystery and corruption called Echo Ridge. Two Can Keep A Secret tells a disturbing story of a serial killer who has a deadly obsession with homecoming queens. 

A town full of unsolved cases from a missing person to a gruesome muder, twins Ellery and Ezra Corcorcan move in with their grandmother. They haven’t visited Echo Ridge before but this is where their mother grew up. Their aunt was the missing person but they don’t know much about the place or anyone who lives there. Their mother Sadie is recovering in rehab for a short term, it was matter of time for the twins to have a full experience of the town. 

Ellery has always had a keen interest in crime stories and takes it upon herself to start investigating one of the cold cases. It was only a matter of time for Ellery’s meddling got her in trouble. The towns most infamous unsolved case was the murder of homecoming queen Lacey Milduff. She was discovered strangled to death and left at a theme park appropriately named Murderland. The blame and suspicion fell on her boyfriend Declan, but no proof was found and he left town as he couldn’t handle the towns eye judging him for something he didn’t do. 

Even from the beginning of the book the twins are thrown into the depth of mystery and drama when they encounter a hit and run victim. This victim turns out to be a teacher from their new high school. Ellery can’t hold back her curiosity and throws herself into her own investigation. Threats are plastered around town making everyone realise the killer is back for the new line up of homecoming queen nominees set in his sights. Will they finally discover what happened to their aunt all those years ago and who their father really is? Is there more to this town that meets the eye?

The way that Ellery and Ezra joined the town as completely outsiders made the reader feel the same. This is a whole new town for us to dive into. It doesn’t take you long to start feeling something isn’t right in the town. It also doesn’t take you long till you want to find out why it feels so wrong.

The story is narrated from two characters’ point of view. We have Ellery the crime obsessed motivated investigator and Malcom, brother to Declan, who’s been affected by the judgement of the town towards his brother during Lacey’s death. This gave the story a unique feel, showing us completely different perspectives. With narration of Ellery making the connections of who the murderer could be, Malcom’s narration gives us a lot of unanswered questions and background on the town Ellery wouldn’t know about. 

The book was very addictive and got me all the way to the end without being able to guess who the killer was. It got to the end and I couldn’t believe it. Even the last line made my jaw drop. If you like murder mystery set in a teen school surrounding this is a must read. 

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