Dive into Hollywood

Name: Hollywood
Genre: Drama
Year: 2020

Ryan Murphy does it again delivering us another outstanding series, this time concentrating on the glamourous but unsavoury side of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Far away from the Beverly Hills mansion parties, Murphy and Ian Brennan dive into the darks secret world of sexual pleasure-seeking.

The attention and awareness of the violent narrow-minded bigotry in Hollywood and other American societies, making it near impossible for minority groups being able to appear on the big screen. Taking a sharp turn from reality, the show delivers an alternative history of these barriers getting knocked down a lot earlier than it did in real life. 

Back in 1946, Ernie (Dylan McDermott) ran a petrol station as a front for a more profitable setup. The young men manning the station also provide discreet sexual services to wealthy and prosperous clientele. At this gas station a young war veteran who wants to become a movie star, Jack (David Corenswet), finds himself escorting an unhappy middle-aged wife, Avis. Little did Jack know that her husband was the famous studio boss.

The series also focuses on another gas station worker and aspiring screenwriter Archie (Jeremy Pope) when he meets a kind open-minded young man named Roy (Jake Picking). We get to watch as these young up-and-coming characters overcome milestones and triumphs through the minority challenges. The Ryan Murphy legendary actor Darren Criss returns playing Raymond Ainsley the aspiring director showing the excitement of directing his first big screen movie.

Hollywood is packed with standout performances with Patti Ann LuPone being in the front and centre. Jim Parson is no longer the Big Bang Theory’s geeky Sheldon he is most commonly known, as he portrays the real-life agent Henry Wilson as a surreal truly disgusting predator. Seeing Jim Parson in this sleazy role really highlights the creative strength of his active ability. Another star that stood out to me was one by Joe Mantello. His character has suffered throughout his whole life as a closeted studio executive choosing that work was more important than his own happiness.

The show is filled with emotional and daring scenes giving the audience the period fantasy full of desire and conspiracy. Ryan Murphy delivers us another successful show keeping the audience asking what he will give us next.

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