Sisterhood Over Everything

Name: Motherland: Fort Salem
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Year: 2020
Season: 1

At the end of the season one Motherland: Fort Salem constant themes of togetherness and sisterhood are pumping through its veins. Not concentrating on blood relations or actual family, but on the bonds between different witches thrusting themselves into dangerous situations. As they join the order and entered basic training together, their expectations and their hopes were pulled from underneath them at every turn. A bond begins to build as one by one, people they thought they could trust proves them wrong and betrays them, leaving the trio, Raelle (Taylor Hickson), Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) and Tally (Jessica Sutton), only being able to rely on each other if they have any hope in surviving.

The trio’s relationship with each other is undoubtedly the concrete of the show. They were three distant strangers from different backgrounds, having to learn to work together, and as they did, the bond of sisterhood grew. They had each other’s back no matter what, through thick and thin – alleged disloyalty, secrets and disagreements. The trio either win together, or lose together.

The series gave the audience a sense of escapism, dropping us into a universe where the matriarchy reigned. Throughout the whole series the powerful characters were portrayed by women. These women have their own creative arc which didn’t centre on a man. Yes there were men in the series but their presence only added to the girls’ stories in an increasing inspired way. Their presence in the series weren’t necessary to the full picture of the show.

Though there were scenes that were powered by romance and sex, the only constant relationship which was vital to the plot of the season was the one between Raelle and Scylla. Even though this same sex relationship was a vital component to the series, it didn’t feel forced at all. Two completely different witches, two opposite ends of the scale. The Orphan and the Rebel. The Necromancer and The Healer. The Darkness and The Light.

The journey the characters went through to hit the climax of jaw dropping season finale was outstanding. Abigail choosing friendship staying with Raelle to die, but unlocking some hidden unknown power. Tally giving up her youth to the woman who takes advantage of her authority and witches powers. Scylla revealing that she has more secrets ready to be discovered. All this and more left the audience on a huge cliffhanger screaming out for a second season ready to reunite the girls and bring justice to all.

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