Love & Faith

Name: I Still Believe
Genre: Romance, Drama, Music
Year: 2020

We’ve seen movies like this one so many times hitting the big screen. Two young people are in love. One of them gets sick, and then becomes very sick. We get to know this couple and start hoping that the illness goes away and they live happily ever after.  The tears start to flow down our face and you become a sobbing mess. Well I Still Believe is just like that but with a punch of religious messages all the way through it.

I Still Believe focuses on young artist Jeremy (KJ Apa) when he meets Melissa (Britt Robertson) at California’s Calvary Chapel Bible College in 1999. They both have an instant connection and started a journey together from friends to much more. The first time we see Jeremy is when he’s packing up to leave for college. He is living with his parents and his younger siblings in Lafayette, Indiana. His journey and adventure begins on the road heading west, not knowing what his future holds.  

Jeremy meets his musical hero and finds himself in a romantic love triangle with Jean-Luc (Nathan Parsons) and Melissa. KJ and Britt deliver outstanding appealing performances, allowing the audience to dive into the sometimes awkward, sometimes amusing journey Jeremy and Mellissa embark on. The love story including the love triangle is completely innocent and wholesome. There’s no swearing, punching, violence or even sex scenes giving the whole relationship and friendships between them seem pure. Then horrible news of Melissa being diagnosed with cancer breaks our hearts and the happy feel movie is no more.

I found the film so dramatically dull and overflowing with so much emotional cheese. I felt this stopped me from feeling excited about the characters journey’s and found nothing to feel riled up about.  Saying that, I enjoyed the storyline, the romance, the heartbreak – but felt slightly disconnected from it. All the religious messages within the movie was too much for me and was only praying for the film to end.

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