No Longer The Sidekicks!

Name: Titans
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Year: 2018-
Season: 1-2

For over 50 years there have been numerous creative iterations of young superheroes becoming heroes rather than sidekicks. But the new television show Titans, takes us to the dark world of the DC Universe justice system. DC Comics introduced us to these young sidekicks back in 1964 creating a group called the Teen Titans. Titans introduce us to these young men and women fighting for justice and hope while we encounter new villains on the small screen.

Dick Grayson/ Robin (Brenton Thwaites) has left Gotham City, Batman and his alter ego of Robin behind. He thought his superhero days were a thing of the past until Rachel Roth/ Raven (Teagan Croft) screams out for help. Dick feels compelled to help her fight the darkness inside of her while protecting her from the dangerous people set out to capture her. We meet Koriand’r/ Starfire (Anna Diop) with no memory of who she is as she starts to slowly unravel the mystery pointing her towards Rachel. Ultimately, she becomes Rachel’s protector teaming up with Robin.

We meet many other DC Universe characters throughout the show including the group that’s now known as Doom Patrol in their own TV Show. Another famous Teen Titan character Beast Boy/ Gar (Ryan Potter) catches our eye, alongside Dawn/Dove (Minka Kelly), Hank/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Donna/ Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie) as they band together to help Rachel as her life turns upside down.

Titans is packed with a great cast, giving every character an interesting enough storyline, keeping the audience returning for the next episode and the next chapter of their superhero lives. Overflowing with drama, action and layers of relationships and plot twists gives the story a unexpected and thrilling feel.  

After watching episode one I found myself sucked in with wonder, then next thing I know I’ve binged watched the other ten episodes. There was no surprise that it was renewed for another season. Being brought up fascinated by the exciting world of superheroes there was no way I wasn’t going to enjoy the series. It felt darker than other DC Universe shows that’s hit our screens too even though it focuses on the younger generation of heroes.

BUT!!! Season two felt a bit messy. Trying to cram in as many superhero characters as possible and to keep a strong enough storyline to retain the audience attention was found too difficult. The show is a great opportunity to bring in the new generation of superheroes, giving them their chance in the spotlight. Dick’s arrival and upgrade to become Nightwing and his reunion with Bruce Wayne was a good journey focus for the season’s finale. But sadly, you cannot say the same about the rest of the characters narratives. Episodes felt rushed and messy moving quickly from the Wilson family struggle to the underwhelming fight with Cadmus. The series juggled too many characters and too many individual storylines making it hard to follow.  

Saying this I’m sure that superhero fans like me won’t feel disappointed by the show so far. A more concentrated, focused and tidier story for Season Three will bring the OMG moments back that I got when watching the first season.

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