Is It Too Late To Be Good?

Name: The Good Place
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Year: 2016 – 2020
Season: 4

Are you a good person or a perceived a bad one? If you’re on the path of bad choices, is it ever too late to change? Your everyday choices ultimately stack up and put you in that category in the afterlife. This is what is explored in The Good Place. Creative energy and electrifying humour holds the show together through fifty episodes leading to a satisfying ending.

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kirsten Bell) has died – but not to worry because she is now living out her afterlife in The Good Place. Michael (Ted Danson) looks after The Good Place and is the resident’s spiritual guide. He explains to Eleanor that as she received enough ‘Good’ points in her life to earn her place with the best of her peers, the ethical philosophy teacher Chidi (William Jackson Harper), the philanthropist Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and the silent and thoughtful monk Jason (Manny Jacinto). Sounds too great, but wait, Eleanor is actually NOT a good person. The Good Place has made a mistake and looked at the wrong Eleanor Shellstrops score. But she wants to prove to herself that she deserves to be there. She recruits her fellow residents to assist her to understand and become a better person.  

That’s how we start this crazy adventure. Trying not to spoil anything with that synopsis but get ready for a hell of a lot of plot twists and shocking characters journeys in the fun packed four seasons of the show. But the show isn’t perfect. The first two seasons gives us an exciting terrific adventure, then season three comes along and started to feel a bit unsatisfactory. The pacing was completely off and made the storylines feel a little bit absent. Thankfully a few episodes later, Season Three smooths out and find its footing, leaving Season Four ready to finish the race to the finish line.  A refreshing thing about The Good Place is that they had a set amount of episodes planned and didn’t aim to linger any longer.

I never knew where the storyline was going – and that just added to the fun of the show. When I got to the end of the final season, I felt thoroughly fulfilled and slightly broken-hearted it was the end. The shows theory could only carry on for so long and this show took its final bow at the right time. The Good Place is a show that you can easily binge. But saying that I feel it’s a show that worked perfectly for slow enjoyment.

While the show is mostly driven by hilarious comedic scripting, it does manage to make the audience think about deep life questions. It’s not forcing you to pick a religion, a belief system or start an argument. It encourages you to become the best person you can be. It encourages you to help others and therefore help yourself by being good.  Something The Good Place should be proud of.

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