Unable To Run!

Name: Run
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Year: 2020

Chloe (Kiera Allen) is itching to receive her college admissions letter
through the post but everything is not what it seems. Her mother, Diane (Sarah
Paulson) is keeping a dark and uneasy secret from her. Chloe begins to suspect
something is wrong when she starts noticing her mother taking increasingly
desperate steps to keep her in the dark.

The idea behind Run isn’t something we haven’t seen before. We’ve seen
similar scenarios throughout time with the famously thrilling vibes of Stephen
King’s Misery. Saying that Run has stood out to me as more than just a cover
version of the storyline as we feel every chill as Chloe unravels the truth.
Comparing to Misery we see that the lead character Chloe is a lot more imaginative
and practical compared to James Caan’s drug dependent author. This is where Run
branches away from the traditional theme.

While Misery concentrated on the emphasis of drug addiction being a prison,
Run has submerged into the reality of mutuality and being trapped in a poisonous
love cycle. Watching the film, you realise that the connection and relationship
a daughter and mother should have isn’t present in this family. The further into
the movie you get the more twisted and disturbing it all feels. It’s crazy to
think that there has been reported cases of this happening in real life. It has
completely shocked me.

Kiera Allen delivers an extraordinary performance for her first movie debut.
Playing the powerless victim didn’t stop her from showing her strength and credibility
making the audience root for her survival. Sarah Paulson has proven over the
years that her acting ability is legendary shifting from loving mother to
terrifying captor in mere seconds. Comparing to Kathy Bates’ character in
Misery, Sarah Paulson minimises the psychopathic tendencies of Diane giving a
more convincing and disconcerting feel. Then once the secret is out, the full
craziness comes out.

The story itself is packed with a lot of twists and turns but some felt very
predictable and safe. The movie starts off slow and builds to a sprint with so
much happening giving the audience a sense of unsettlement. Run is a strong enjoyable
thriller with two powerful lead performances.  

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