Thunder Flop

Name: Thunder Force
Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure
Year: 2021

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope – just another Ben Falcone movie missing it’s mark and crash landing in the easily forgotten comedies. When I first heard of the premise of Melissa McCarthy being in a superhero comedy it caught my attention. But it just felt like nothing new and another recycled bland comedy.

The story concentrate on two ordinary women Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) and Emily (Octavia Spencer) in a world where supervillains are everywhere due to radition from meteor. The two women met in primary school and quickly became inseparable, until they grew up. Trying to mend the rift between then before their high-school reunion Lydia decided to visit Emily and reunite their friendship.  

Emily who is now a successful scientist leaves Lydia in her office alone. Lydia couldn’t keep her hands to herself which leads to her getting accidentally injected by a super serum giving her superpowers. Force into training and testing both Lydia and Emily’s powers develop. As the city is under threat of the powerful Miscreants they team up as the Thunder Force to take them down.

I am a huge fan of McCarthy comedy ability but her amazing talent doesn’t seem to hit home here. The main reason is the poor scripting behind her character. The character comes across completely over the top, delivering an attempt of ridiculous humour – but sadly is left out too long and becomes awkward. The feeling I get from watching Falcone’s newest film is that he doesn’t know when to say cut, but instead relies on Melissa’s comedy ability to adlib and improvise the scene. Thus dragging out the jokes and making them come across annoying and forced when the jokes are held for slightly too long.

In any superhero film you always look at the swiftness of the effects. This movie delivers outstanding special effects from showing invisability, super strength, beans of lightening and who couldn’t forget the half man half crab? WTF?

Saying this, I did enjoy the film. There is enough within the movie to make it watchable and funny in parts. It’s a good superhero movie that is light hearted. I would recommend it to watch when you can’t really give it your full attention as its easy to follow, but I wouldn’t rewatch.

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